Congratulations, Rebecca! Recipient of the Advancing Women in Technology Leadership Award for her significant contributions as an advocate and role model for women in technology!

Building A Community for Women In Healthcare & Information Technology

SOAR 2022

The inaugural SOAR conference was everything I dreamed about putting together 15+ years ago when I had an idea to get more women in health IT.

Everyone showed up ready to learn, network and have fun.

The speakers were out of this world. The attendees were engaged, participated and made numerous new connections for life.

We are now building the community for women in healthcare & information technology

Lauren Friedrich, MBA
Lauren Friedrich, MBA
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Inaugural events are rare, the opportunity to speak at one was a true privilege.

Thank you to the pioneers Rebecca Woods, MHA, PM Angela Coldren for curating an exceptional group of powerful women, insightful content and #inspiring

Takeaways to S.O.A.R. with!

Two of my favorite takeaways…
“Where there’s conviction there’s capacity” ~ Victoria Palmer
“Reframe failure as a first attempt” Stacy Olsen DiStefano

To the courageous and innovative leaders that attended, let’s turn up the heat and lift as we rise!

CHIEF Members came to support!

Stacey Olsen DiStefano
Stacey Olsen DiStefano
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Q: What do you get when you fill a room with female executives who align on a mission to empower more women into leadership roles?

A: An Incredible event filled with dynamic speakers, powerful networking, and stories of mentoring successes. Well done Rebecca Woods, MHA, PM and Angela Coldren! The first annual Bluebird Leaders conference was a huge success. Bonus that I got quality time with Lauren Friedrich, MBA and Victoria Pelletier. Dynamic is an understatement.
Kat McDavitt
Kat McDavitt
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Tomorrow I have the honor of speaking at the Bluebird Leaders SOAR Conference up in lovely Portsmouth, NH! In addition to showing off a presentation with some great memes - I'm excited to participate in this conference for women in #healthtech led by fellow Chief member Rebecca Woods, MHA, PM and her incredible team, and proud to speak alongside powerhouses including Victoria Pelletier, Stacy Olsen DiStefano, Kristen Duell, Kathryn Wetherby, Edward Marx, Simran Marx, Olivia Van Ledtje, Lauren Friedrich, MBA, Angela Coldren and more!
Michael Maitre, CPC, MHA
Michael Maitre, CPC, MHA
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What an experience! Thank you, Bluebird Leaders, for inviting me to be your host/ MC for the first annual S.O.A.R conference! It was an honor and pleasure to serve Woman leaders in HIT and beyond. The speakers and conversations today really impacted me and I can’t wait to surround my little girl with these brilliant minds and positive role models as they blaze a new path and shatter glass ceilings for generations to come. thankyou Rebecca Woods, MHA, PM

Some of the panel Questions

  • How have you navigated existing power structures in leadership? 
  • How did you navigate power structures early in your career versus later in your career when you had a more formal leadership role? 
  • How do you push for system change around ideas that are new or not very popular? 
  • How have you built resiliency over the course of your career? 
  • How can women support other women in their organizations? 
  • As a leader, how do you stay mindful of who’s at the table and who’s missing? 
  • What advice would you give to your 25-year-old self? 
  • Lift as you climb – please share some examples of how you’ve supported women advancing in health IT?  

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