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Rebecca Woods: Triathlete, CIO & Founder of Bluebird Tech Solutions/Bluebird Leaders
September 16, 2022
POD CAST: Evoke Greatness
Sonnie Linebarger & Rebecca Woods

How the experience of being mistaken for a staff member by men at a tech conference. when she was a young female CIO ultimately put her on the path to starting up Bluebird Tech Solutions.Why providing guidance and mentorship to other women is important to her.Powerful lessons she has learned along the way.What has fundamentally changed in her leadership over the yearsHow she is setting an example for her daughters by what she is doing in her career.How she combats the impact of the great resignation and keeps her team happy and engaged.What she sees as the biggest challenge the industry is facing today in healthcare tech.The exciting conference she is putting on in NovemberRebecca is a fellow CHIEF and a dynamic woman with a clear vision. She is committed to moving the dial for women in leadership. Make sure to connect with her on LinkedIn. Check out Bluebird Tech Solutions and the Bluebird Leaders November conference details.

IDEAL for Healthcare is excited for our budding partnership with Rebecca and Bluebird Leaders.

HIT Like a Girl Pod
Rebecca Woods is inspiring women in health IT to become agents of positive change
September 15, 2022
POD CAST: HIT Like a Girl Pod
Joy Rios & Rebecca Woods
Creating a Community of Sociable, Open-Minded, Ambitious, and Relentless Women in Health IT

To create a more diverse and inclusive tech world, we need to inspire and empower the next generation of female role models to pursue and develop their careers in technology and become innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Rebecca Woods, Founder of Bluebird Tech Solutions and Bluebird Leaders is on a mission to do just that. In this episode, Joy and Rebecca talk about the lack of diversity in IT and computer science fields, and what she’s doing to change that. Bluebird Leaders is hosting the inaugural SOAR Conference for women in health IT, where the agenda has been curated to inspire attendees to become agents for positive change.


July 19, 2022
Written by: Michelle Higginson