Our Mission

to advance and accelerate the role of women in information technology & healthcare information technology.

Our Vision

That women from all backgrounds working in IT & Healthcare will soar to great heights in their professional achievements.

Bluebird Leaders Is A 501(C)(3) Nonprofit That Provides Women Working In information technology & healthcare information technology With The Education, Training And Networking They Need To Spread Their Wings And Fly High In Their Careers, Regardless Of Their Backgrounds And Individual Differences.

The Health IT Industry Has Traditionally Been Male Dominated And Lacking In Diversity And Women In Leadership Positions, Which Is Similar To The Healthcare Industry Overall. Currently, Only 33% Of Senior Leadership Positions At U.S. Hospitals Are Held By Women[1] And Only 4% Of Women Of Color Are At The C-Suite Level[2]. But The Gender Gap Is Beginning To Narrow As More Women Aspire To Lead In The Healthcare Industry And Drive Change.

Change Is Inevitable. At Bluebird Leaders, Helping People Through Change Is Our Passion. We Provide The Resources, Community And Inspiration Women Need To Be Health IT Leaders And Experts. We Encourage Our Colleagues To Start By Asking “Why”. Only By Asking Why, Can The Best Lean Process Emerge And Bring About Change, Which Benefits Both The IT And Clinical Functions Of An Organization.