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Credivera Live Stream

Starts Fri Apr 12 2024, 12:00pm EDT
Ends Fri Apr 12 2024, 01:00pm EDT


4 P's to Success: The Power of a Profit Protection Program

April 25 @ 12-1pm EST

Growing sales and achieving top line revenue goals is great but do you have mechanisms in place to protect your business from profit leakage? Learn about protecting your profit through a profit protection program.

Helen Oscislawski

Starts Fri May 3 2024, 12:00pm EST
Ends Fri May 3 2024, 1:00pm EST

The ‘Ambition Gap’ and 5 ways to succeed in the workplace in spite of the odds.

If you collect and use any personal information through your website, then it’s not just the California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) that you have to worry about. There are now up to 14 states have passed State Privacy Laws (New Jersey and New Hampshire being among the most recent two this year!) – and there are several additional states looking at pending bills right now which could convert to new laws in the near future. These State Privacy Laws affect how every business that has a website (for whatever purpose) handles such information. Let’s talk about some of the common characteristics of these state privacy laws, and what businesses with websites can do to keep up with making sure that their website Terms of Use and Privacy Policies remain up to date to address these constantly changes laws.

Michelle Flemmings

Starts Fri May 10 2024, 10:00am EST
Ends Fri May 10 2024, 11:00am EST

The ‘Ambition Gap’ and 5 ways to succeed in the workplace in spite of the odds.

Description: It’s called the ambition gap. The distance between where you are and where you know you should be in your career. At times, it’s been used to refer to the apparent difference in the level of ambition between women and men in the workplace.


May 16 2024


SOAR 2024
Healthy YOU, Healthy LEADERS

September 18-20, 2024
Atlanta, GA

Join Us At Our 3rd Annual S.O.A.R Conference Were We Will Combine Healthy Lifestyle Choices Along With Some Extraordinary Talks Around Healthcare, IT And Entrepreneurship.

Day 1: Kick off Gathering
Day 2: Conference 9 - 4
Day 3: Conference 9- 2

Technology Retreat ARUBA

Feb 25-27


Past Live Steams


Bluebird Leaders Presents: Unblock your Operating Rooms (Live Stream)

Description: How to increase OR efficiency, resilience and agility. Join Prof. Baruch Barzel, an expert on complexity and network science, for a presentation on advancing beyond the classic block schedule. Combining tools from Artificial Intelligence, Network Science and Statistical Physics, we discuss how to construct optimal, efficient and robust plans for the OR. More broadly, learn how complex networks can help us rethink healthcare management.


Why Healthcare Cybersecurity is Everyone’s Responsibility

Starts Fri Mar 22 2024, 12:00pm EDT
Ends Fri Mar 22 2024, 01:00pm EDT

Cybersecurity used to be the responsibility of the IT Team. That is no longer the case. As everyone in healthcare is connected to computers and the internet, everyone is an access point (or target) for cybercriminals. Every healthcare employee needs to be educated and do their part to help protect from cyber criminals. Join this webinar to learn how cybercriminals target healthcare staff and patients and what each person can do to make themselves, their organization, and patients safer from cyber attacks.