Why be a Mentee?

Why: How do we advance the role of women in information technology & healthcare information technology? We “Lift as we Rise” (by Stacy DiStefano). Mentoring is one of the cornerstones of Bluebird Leaders and if you have ever considered working with a Mentor, we encourage you to apply for our next cohort!

Duration: 4 Months

Where: Virtual

Cost: Free & 1 year membership to Bluebird Leaders


  • Monthly Mentor coaching
  • Specialty presentations by Featured Guest Speakers / Industry Leaders
  • Collaboration with Mentee Cohort
  • Discounted SOAR Conference Ticket


  • Participate in two 1-hour working sessions with your mentor (one-on-one monthly).
  • Attend a minimum of two guest speaker presentations per month.  You are welcome to attend as many as you like!
  • Attend Cohort kickoff, status check-in, and wrap-up with the entire mentee group throughout the program.
  • Take the lead when scheduling/communicating with Mentor and bring clear goals and objectives to the coaching sessions.

Meet our current and past mentors

Joel Benware


Bethel Orozco

Leading Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Kurt Fanning Head Shot

Kurt Fanning

Strategic Account Manager at CloudWave, Healthcare IT Solutions
Bluebird Leaders Board Member

Caitlin Flanery

Environment and Release Manager at Tufts Medicine
Bluebird Leaders Board Member

Sonnie Linebarger

LinkedIn Top Voice | Hospice Executive, Consultant & Coach |🔥Top 5% Globally Ranked Podcast | 🎤 Keynote Speaker

Xilin Zhang

Executive Operations Leader Specialized in Driving Transformation & Hyper-Growth Across Multi-faceted Industries

Marissa M. Maldonado

Marissa Maldonado

CEO at Proda Technology
Bluebird Leaders Board Member

Renee Fosberg

Chief Digital Officer at Emerson Health

Angie Williams

Vice President of Services

Debbi Gillotti

Chief Operating Officer

Erin Osbourn

Chief Information Officer

Helen O Head Shot

Helen Oscislawski


Karen Brieger

SVP, People Operations

Lauren Friedrich

Vice President of Strategic Alliances

Lea Chatham head shot

Lea Chatham

Vice President of Marketing

Mary Griskewicz

Director Federal Government Affairs Policy

Megan Norris

“Rebecca was also critical in my foundational understanding of bridging the gap between technology and the human aspect. Not everyone speaks the IT language so providing that translation allowed her to convey the needs of the organization in a way that leadership would understand. Rebecca taught me that building the team that surrounds you is critical to your success as a leader, and I continue to leverage that stance to this day. Lastly, but certainly not least, she demonstrated that it was acceptable to challenge the status quo. For example, including more woman in the technology field and challenging long standing processes to find digital solutions.”

Rebecca L. Brown, RN, BSN

“Rebecca empowered me to expand my lens, march forward with intention, and put forth the strength necessary to become a more diverse healthcare professional with IT expertise.”

Lyndsie Kennett

“Rebecca saw leadership skills in me before I saw leadership skills in myself.”

Expertise Library

Meet and Greet with Rebecca Woods, MHA

Working session with Rebecca Woods the founder of Bluebird Leaders. The mentee to be evaluated so you are placed with the right mentor.

Monthly Coaching

One-on-one time dedicated to topics and objectives most desired by the Mentee or recommended by the Mentor.

Project Management

Not only are individual contributors asking for this training, so are organization all the way from small practices to large scale Hospital systems.

Personality Test & Review

Learn more about yourself and better understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Job Search & Interview

Let us help you with your job search, practice interviewing and answer any questions about finding your next job.

Human Resources

Learn the skills and techniques to cultivate and manage a highly effective, productive, and gratified team.


Gain insight into one of the most sought after skill-sets and certifications especially in the world of Health IT.


Explore Telehealth offerings,if they are appropriate across different specialties, and how successfully implement them.


Take yourself out of the tactical, day-to-day operations and widen your perspective to encompass the organization in its entirety.

Healthcare Finances

Discover opportunities to elevate and titrate your organization's finances from Government Program adherence to partnering with similar practices on medication purchasing.

Clinical Perspective

Real world perspective and insights into what makes the Clinic "Run" and the critical role Health IT plays.

Vendor Prespective

Hear directly from Health IT vendors on what motivates them to partner with an organization and strategies for long term technology adoption.

Accountable Care Organization

What is an ACO anyway? Learn the goals, objectives, and inner workings of ACO's and how they influence Health IT.


Although wearable Health technology is not new, it has impressive potential in many sub-specialties and is becoming a higher priority as the internet of things expands.

Ambulatory Practices

Discover the many ways outpatient healthcare settings are utilizing Health IT, from tablets, , EHRs, and patient self registration solutions.

Government Program Management

Find techniques to make your EHR do the heavy lifting of Government Program reporting. Receive impactful tips to ensure compliance and positive payment adjustments with Health IT.

Human Services

Learn how Health IT supports HS systems that address the quality of direct services, accessibility, accountability, and coordination.

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Deep dive into the world of Federally Qualified Health Centers that are subject to stringent regulations, oversight, and budgets.

Speciality Practices

Why do some practices user EHRs while others only use paper? Are all EHRs created equal for all practices? Research and learn how not all practices and systems are equal.

Executive View

Insightful perspective on what motivates the top tier executives in terms of strategic decision making that affects Health IT and the entire ecosystem.